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1. Personal data


"NotifVAX" application


The NotifVAX application is part of a strategy to optimize the administration of vaccine doses available in vaccination centers.


This application is not mandatory, its use is voluntary.


This application is completely ANONYMOUS. No information such as: first name, last name, alias, password, phone number, email address, postal address, gender, GPS or Bluetooth geolocation, etc. will be requested or collected to use the application. No confidential personal information is required to use the NotifVAX application, therefore it is not collected on the application or on a remote server.


The only information requested is that required to send a notification based on the available doses according to the criteria of the official partner health organizations.


The information requested is :

- The user's age range to meet the public health prioritization requirements for vaccinations and the age requirements for the administration of each type of vaccine according to the Quebec immunization program.

- Whether the vaccine is a first or second dose for prioritization purposes.

- The type(s) of vaccine to ensure that the user will not receive notifications of available doses that do not match their vaccine choices, particularly for the 2nd dose.

- The vaccination site(s) where the app user can safely travel to in about 15 minutes.

- The language of the phone so that the app and notifications are in the user's language.


This application allows its users:


- To be notified when doses are available at the last minute, in vaccination centers in their area, according to their criteria of choice.

- Decide if they want to come and get vaccinated within the allotted time.

- Receive an appointment confirmation number to go to the vaccination center, if they have agreed to come.

- Get instructions before getting vaccinated.


2. Purposes and data processing controller


This application, the development of which has been entrusted to BLE-Network (9303-9121 Québec inc), is placed under the responsibility of the official partner health organizations (CISSS or CIUSSS) responsible for local vaccination centers in their respective regions, in terms of the content of the notifications, the scheduling of appointments and the associated instructions.


The purpose of this data processing is:


  • To inform a user of the NotifVAX application by notification to invite them to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and Influenza, within the allotted time.

  • To transmit a confirmation number and instructions if the user agrees to get vaccinated.

  • To provide anonymous user information to the vaccination centers so they can welcome them. This information can be accessed through a secure portal at each vaccination center's reception stations and includes:

--The appointment confirmation number;

- Phone language;

- The age range of the app user who accepted the notification to be vaccinated;

- The time and minute that the user's response was recorded;

- The maximum time the user is expected to arrive.


This information is available at the vaccination sites only for the necessary amount of time to accommodate last minute vaccination.

  • To make anonymous statistics for diagnostic purposes, performance improvements and user experience. This aggregate statistical information is accessible by vaccination sites and for each CISSS and CIUSSS in charge of these vaccination sites.



3. Recipients of the data


Data on available vaccine doses according to user choices:

- Users of the application

- The vaccination sites

Data on appointment confirmations:

- App users

- Vaccination sites

Pre-vaccination instructions:

- App users

Data on anonymous and aggregated statistics:

- CISSS and CIUSSS partners


4. Retention period


For statistics purposes: the data is kept for the duration of the contracts with the CISSS and CIUSSS or 7 months whichever is shorter.


For anonymous data about individual notifications, acceptance or refusal of appointments, the data is accessible for a period of 45 days by the official organizations in charge of the vaccination sites.


5. Exercise of rights


The deletion of data is processed within 24 to 48 hours following the request. This minimum delay of 24 hours is necessary to avoid modifying the appointment lists during the vaccination process.


The rights of access, rectification and limitation cannot be exercised because the processed data is pseudonymized in order to avoid identification of individuals. Exercising these rights would require identification of the person concerned, which would considerably weaken the security and confidentiality of the entire application.


However, every user can delete data on the mobile application at any time. They can also delete the data on the central server by unsubscribing with the "Delete my data" button and then uninstalling the application.


If you have any questions about the processing of your data in this device, you can send an e-mail to


If you believe that the processing does not comply with the data protection rules, you can send a complaint by email to

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